How to install Hub Wizard on Kodi – Updated Video

The New URL is

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3 thoughts on “How to install Hub Wizard on Kodi – Updated Video

  1. can you add a video on “downloading and setting up v17 krypton for kodi”? and, do you recommend keeping kodi in its own folder on your computer?

  2. I think this approach only works for earlier Jarvis installs. When you have the latest 17.1 Krypton Kodi, the Fusion link opens with “Begin here” which does not have the hubwizard link. The only link there is the Indigo link which apparently is the new HubWizard. So there must be another way around it to get to the Older version of HubWizard. I do want the old HubWizard on my page since I am used to it, so it looks like My search continues. And if I can’t find a way, then I’ll probably just have to upgrade my thinking to the new Indigo version.

  3. it won’t let me click the Fusion folder. its red and it says that I didn’t connect when I added it. what the hell is going on, my shits lagging and it’s getting me angry.

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