5 thoughts on “Install NEW★NO LIMITS MAGIC★ v1.5 Build – BEST”

  1. Man, I’m confused a little. Should you first start with the Fusion build
    and then add other? Would it be ‘builds’? Is that the proper term? Or can I
    install this first and then add Fusion.??? Man, I had no idea that this
    would be as difficult as it is??? Now, I think I have a learning
    disability, but have not been diagnosed. However, everyone says, ‘oh you’ll
    have no problem, it really very easy, bullshit. I have been studying for 4
    to 6 hrs per day trying to figure this darn Kodi out and getting it
    installed on my Android TV Box. But basically, should one install ‘fusion’
    first and then look for a better build or ???? Like I said, I’m confused???

  2. for anyone not finding wizard in programs the plug in is video not program
    so it wizard is installed in video add ons not program

  3. I install this build and i been having issues first it buffers alot than my
    last build second after the movie is done it kicks me out of kodi do you
    have any answer for my issues

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