5 thoughts on “THE BEST KODI BUILD OF 2016 – ULTRA TT3.5 – THE BEST JUST”

  1. downloaded it now but my time zone is messed up i changed it on appearance
    to uk region closed down kodi and everything and it is saying 9:55am at 2:55

  2. Anyone know how to fix the problem of it saying, sorry no krypton builds
    found, after it identified them all whilst searching?

  3. Great build, however sport streams won’t work as Sports Devil is required
    for most (think I saw a message that said it was stopped due to issues on
    the build?). I’ve tried installing via Fusion but still no joy, doesn’t
    seem to be a video add-on option. Any help will result in brews! Thanks!

  4. still cant get it downloaded first time it errors now its so slow
    downloading and i have a super fast speed 60mb down

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